Bringing you home in Ottawa
Bringing you home in Ottawa

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set up an appointment to see the available apartments?

  • It’s as easy as giving us a call or sending us an email. Our rental agents will be happy to find a date and time that works for you to view the apartments and to show you what our buildings have to offer.  

Where can I get applications? 

  • You can get applications from our Rental Office or download it from the apartment building page.  We can also email or fax you copies of the application at your request.

Do I need other documents to apply?

In addition to a completed application, there are a few other documents we require to submit the application. 

  • Proof of Income - A letter from your employer including your name, position, start date, income and employers contact information OR a letter from your parent(s), guardian(s) or consignor(s) stating that they will be financially responsible for your rent and related payments.  **Please note that we do not accept pay stubs as proof of income.
  • Photo ID – Please bring one piece of government issued ID to the Rental Office.  **Please note, we do not accept health cards.  
  • If you are a student, you are required to provide proof of enrollment or registration in classes.  This can include “Proof of Registration”, class schedule, acceptance letter or letter from the Registrar’s office.  If you are an international student, we will also ask for a copy of your Student Visa or Study Permit.
  • To secure the application you will be asked to provide a deposit for last month’s rent in certified funds.  Check with your Rental Agent, as some buildings require hydro deposits to be included.  Make sure to follow the directions on your application as each building/apartment requires a different deposit amount.

What is the application approval process like?

  • Once your full application is submitted, we check personal and landlord references.  We also conduct a credit check. We base application approvals on landlord and personal references, and credit score.  We also take into account your ability to prove you can afford the rent payment amongst other things. One of our rental agents will give you a call once management has made their decision.

I’ve been approved for an application. Now what?

  • Congratulations! Please ensure the following items are completed before or on your move in day. 
    • All leaseholders must sign the lease.  You can make an appointment with the rental office and we’ll make sure to have your file ready for you.
    • The first month’s rent must be paid for.  Most of our properties require this payment to be made in certified funds.  Your rental agent will be able to tell you the amount owing, which can include rent, parking and deposits.
    • Bring a copy of your apartment insurance to the Rental Office. We’ll keep a copy on in your file.
      • ** All three of the items MUST be completed in order to get keys to your apartment on your move in day.
    • Contact the rental office and book your move in date and time. 

My application for the apartment was refused. Now what?

  • Your deposit cheque will be ready at the Rental Office for you to pick up.  Unfortunately, as per our policies and industry standards, we are not able to release the reason(s) as to why your application was refused.  Management’s decision is based on the criteria listed above (references, credit, and employment/income etc).

I’ve been approved for an apartment, but I have changed my mind.  What happens now?

  • If you have been already approved for the apartment, Bona Building & Management reserves the right to keep your last month’s deposit.  We suggest that before you submit an application, you make sure you are 100% certain you want this apartment.

What is your apartment insurance policy?

  • As per the terms of your lease, it is mandatory for all our tenants to be in possession of Renters or Tenants Insurance.  It can be purchased from any insurance broker.  If you’re a student, you may be covered under your parents insurance while you’re away at school. In that case, we’ll need confirmation from their insurance broker, that you are insured at this address.

How long is the lease?

  • All leases are for one (1) year.  After the initial term, the lease continues month to month. This means you are able to give your two months’ notice at the start of any month.

Are pets allowed?

  • Yes! All of our properties are pet friendly. Please note, that tenants are responsible for any damages done to the property by their pets.

How and when do I pay rent?

  • Rent is due on or before the 1st of the month.  You can pay by cheque at all 4 of our buildings, or by debit at The Bona Vista, The Citadel and The Ogilvie Towers.

Can I sublet or assign my apartment?

  • Yes, you can – but only with permission from the Rental Office.  As per your lease, there are to be no people living in the unit that have not been approved by the landlord.  We have forms in rental office and our rental agents will happily go over the requirements with you. If you are leaving for a specific amount of time and planning on returning, we’ll give you the Sublet forms. If you are looking to have someone take over the unit permanently, we’ll guide you through the Assignment process. The new applicant will have to submit the same application as explained above.  A processing fee will also be applied, and will need to be paid upon submission of the application and applicable forms.

Can I paint my apartment?

  • Yes, if you wish to paint, you can absolutely do so.  We just ask that you return the walls to their original colour when you move out.  Failure to do so, may result in charges from our painter.

How do I give notice to move out?

  • Once you have completed the terms of your lease, you are able to give notice to vacate the apartment.  Management requires a letter signed by all leaseholders stating your intention to move, and by which date.  You are required to give two full months’ notice from the expiration of your lease.   Notices must be received on the 1st of the month.  Notices received later than that 1st of the month may not be accepted as you are legally require to give a full 60 days’ notice.

What can I expect now that I've given my notice?

  • You will receive a letter from the Rental Office, confirming your move out date.  This will include the date of your pre-move inspection.  We will give you a report based on the inspection of anything you can or repair in the apartment to avoid potential charges upon vacating.
  • We’ll also start booking showings in order to rent your apartment.  Showings will be conducted during Rental Office business hours.  We will give you 24 hours’ notice for each showing we schedule.  A slip with the showing details (time and date) will be put in your mailbox for each showing.
  • Make sure to book the moving elevator as soon as you have your move out date set! Some months are busier than others, so book sooner rather than later to avoid missing out on your ideal moving time.

My initial lease is ending. What happens now?

  • 90 days prior to your initial lease ending, management will send you a letter with the proposed rent increase.  The rent increase amount is set by Ontario government and applied to all units. 
  • You can choose to accept the rent increase, and remain in the apartment on a month to month basis. 
  • You can also choose to not accept the rent increase and end your lease.  Simply sign the sheet that you will not be renewing your lease, and return the letter to the office.  You will receive a letter from the Rental Office confirming the receipt of your notice.
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